We're Nine Years Old!

. . . and we still bite.

It started as a booze soaked dream outlined on the back of a Keno card as we waited for the waitress at the Golden Nugget's Carson Street Cafe to take our order. The concept - a guide to Las Vegas written by the people, not the marketing tards. With sage advice from Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, the desire to cut through the BS and a pile of books about web programming, VegasTripping was born.

We've lost track of how many people have visited VT and how many pages have downloaded since we launched this labor of love. What we haven't lost track of is WE LOVE LAS VEGAS. If there is one thing we love more than Las Vegas, it is the many many many Vegas loving friends we have made over the last 12 years... all through the magic of the internet.

Without YOU VegasTripping would cease to exist.

Cheers to another dozen years!

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12 Years of VT logos!

Stupid Facts (done Harpers Index style)

The first page we published
The first news post
The first feature
The first thread on The Board
The first MyVegas page

Complaint Department: # change

From MGMMirageResortsIntl : 15 +0 (!)
From Hakkasan : 1 +1
From Wynn Resorts : 4 +2
From all other properties : 23 +2
From Criss Angel fans : 109 +0
From Wayne Newton fans : 18 +0
From potty mouth police : +/- 156 +4
About Trippies awards : 631 +45
About VIMFP : 132 +11
About background color : 21 +3
From David McKee : 0 direct, 2 public +0
From Robin Leach : 1 direct, 67 VT readers blocked on Twitter +11

Cease & Desist/Nastygrams:

Wynn Resorts (2) +1
AC/DC (1)
ABA Design/Todd-Angry Lenahan (1)
Hakkasan Incorporated (1) +1

Fisticuffs: Notable People Who've Called Us Names etc

"i have finnaly submitted to responding to your hilariuos blogs and rather intellegent perspectives!" - Sam Nazarian
"Pissy hostility" - Rita Rudner
"Jealous sniping" - Robin Leach
"Petulant and blinded by frustration" - Steve Friess
"Suck my balls" - Paul Carr, Huffington Post

Randomness: # change

Casino company whose employees read VT most:
MGM Resorts International - FACT: MGM employees (what is left of them) love VT and hate their bosses.

Number of Steve and/or Elaine sightings : 21 +2

Number of people who have been banned from using our website : 14 +3

Average number of times per week someone sends us a link to their blog hoping that we'll link to it in a post: 11 +3

Average number of times per week someone sends us a link to their podcast hoping that we'll link to it in a post: 5 +1

Number of times people have emailed us asking to help them find stuff they lost in a casino : 27 +4

Number of times people have emailed us asking to send them their won/loss tax statements : 49 +2

Number of times people have emailed us asking to apply for a job "at your casino" : 61 +11 (including Macau)

Number of times Vegas.com tried to hire Chuckmonster to work on their website : 14 NC

Number of local Las Vegas bloggers/journalists who hate us : 37 +16

Number of times this year Ted from Access Vegas gave Chuck unsolicited advice on how to run a website: +1

Average number of times per month someone accuses VT of being paid off by Caesars Palace Tropicana Cosmopolitan ARIA Wynn Resorts The D: 3

Number of payment checks Caesars Palace, Tropicana, Cosmopolitan, ARIA, Wynn Resorts, The D have sent us: 0

Number of people who have Osama Bin Laden as their VT avatar: 1


Folks we tried to do an interview with but either bailed [B] after agreeing to do it, ignored [I] our request or declined [D]: (includes selections from VegasGang/VIMFP)

[B] Steve Wynn 4
[B] Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson
[B] Tommy Sundstrom (from 'The Casino')
[B] Big Elvis
[B] Paul Steelman
[B] Seth Schorr
[B] Norm Clarke
[B] Neon Museum
[B] Christina Binkley
[I] John L. Smith
[I] Sam Nazarian
[I] Ninya Perna
[I] Mayor Oscar Goodgin
[D] Bobby Baldwin
[D] Criss Angel [2x]