What Hotels Do You Want Reviewed?

I'm booking hotel rooms for upcoming trips to Vegas and thought I'd ask what joints y'all were interested in being reviewed. The short list of candidates is listed below. If you feel strongly about a property not on the list, make the case in the comments.

Do You Care The Riviera Is Closed?

Are you on Team Steve or Team Elaine?

Should Derek Stevens Buy Out The Riviera?

What is this?

Which Rumored Hard Rock Residency Would You Go See

THEpoll: The Poll of Polls

Should You Tip Bottle Service Drone?

THEpoll: Who Loses - Cosmo, Cromwell or SLS?

Which Would You Buy - The Cosmopolitan or a Popeye sculpture?

Why Is PH PHilthy?

Will You Book The Cromwell?

Why Is This Sign On Mandalay Bay?

Who Will Be The Vegas Gang's Guest At VIMFP This Year?

Who Wore It Best?

Is Andrea's Hip?

The Park vs The LINQ You Decide

Which Vegas Casino Personality Should Be The Next Pope?

Did You Have Fun At VIMFP?

Where Should We Have The #VIMFP Drink Up?

What is this craps dealer thinking?

How The Steve Is Gonna Spend The Lawsuit Money?

These Bellagio Fountain Watchers Are...

What And Where Is This?

What is this?

Paint The Balloon

Pick One

One of these people have agreed to be the Vegas Gang guest at VIMFP. Which one?

The Quad, Yea, Nay or Meh?

Why are these women dancing?

Who Murrens Better Than Murren?

Which Restaurant At Cosmopolitan Will Close First?

SLS Las Vegas: Will It Open?

Which Of These Is The Most Useful Resort Fee Inclusions

Who gets fired first - Murren or Unwin?

Does Marilyn Spiegel Have A Tramp Stamp?

Where Should We Have The Friday Night, Pre-VIMFP Drink Up

Decision: Top End Suite In Mid Tier Property or Low End Room In Top Tier Property?

Does ARIA's Legionella Outbreak Change Your Plans?

Which Will We See First?

Which Casino Exec Is Most Likely To Tweet Pictures Of Their Junk

Have you ever Tweeted or Facebooked Photos of Your Junk?

Have You Ever Hit A Royal Flush on Video Poker?

Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil Show At Mandalay Bay... Do You Care?

When Should We Hold The Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic?

Do You Miss Westward, Ho! ?

Do You Miss The Stardust?

Which Restaurant at ARIA Will Close First?

Sahara Is Closing. Who is Next?

If M Resort Had A Shuttle To/From The Strip, Would You Visit More Often?

What Is The VT Secret Gang Hand Sign